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Sharing God’s Gifts

Posted on 05 Nov 2023

November 5, 2023

John 15:1-17

Rev. Kristen J. Kleiman


Nurtured, Nurturing, Sharing God’s gifts with all.  In this Season of Generosity, we have celebrated how the First Congregational Church nurtures all of us as we walk our Christian faith journeys.  We have given thanks for how the Church connects us to God – comforts us with God’s love in times of trouble and inspires us with God’s Word to be our best, more generous and faithful selves.

And we have also celebrated how our shared ministry, how our gifts of money, time, and ability, bear fruit in our world.  How all that we generously share, not only nurtures and blesses us, it also blesses those who feel like they are without a community or village.  Our gifts bless those who are food and housing insecure, and our gifts bless those who are wondering about God and seeking to hear the good news that God loves them just as they are.  Our gifts, our generosity have an impact upon our lives, others’ lives, our community and the world.

Throughout this Season of Generosity, we have seen videos from members of our community sharing how the First Congregational Church makes a difference in their lives, how it connects them to Jesus, and why they share their gifts.

On this Commitment Sunday, I wonder what nurtures your connection to Jesus Christ?  What are your branches and leaves?  What connects you to Jesus?

And what gifts do you share with others?  How does your faith, your generosity bear fruit?  How do your gifts make a difference in our community and world?

For those who are worshipping online, I invite you to write in the comment section about what connects you to Jesus and also about what gifts, what fruits, you share with others.  And feel free to respond to one another’s sharing.

For those in the Sanctuary, I invite you to take a leaf and write on it what connects you to Jesus and also to take a fruit/heart/flower and write on it what gifts you share with others.

When you have done that, I invite you to share what you have written on your leaves and fruits with others who are sitting around you or with others online.  Please always remember to share your names because we are all bad with remembering names.

After a few minutes of writing and sharing, we are going to connect all of these leaves and fruit to the vine as a reminder that Jesus is the vine and we are the branches of God’s love.  We could not doany of these things; we would not have any of these things without God.  To God always be the glory!