No matter who you are, or where you are on life's journey, You Are Welcome Here.

Have you ever thought of yourself as a super hero? Maybe you have given it a lot of thought and know what kind of costume you would wear or what your super hero name would be: The Kindness Kid? the Quilt Lady? or even Super Dad?

Maybe you have never given it much thought. Maybe you don’t even think of yourself as all that super.


Scripture not only tells us about amazing people of faith who are like super heroes, people like Ruth, Daniel, Queen Esther, King Solomon. Scripture also tells us that we are wonderfully made by God. Made in God’s image actually, and that makes us super.

Just like super saints that we admire, people like Mother Theresa and Fred Rogers and Desmond Tutu, who wrote the Children of God Storybook Bible we heard from this morning, just like all of them, we, too, have been blessed with amazing gifts to change the world.

All people of faith are superheroes because we are strong and smart, and we use that strength and smarts to love God and love our neighbor. Just like Jesus did, we stand up for others. We put the needs of others first. We help others by taking ordinary things, like money, vegetables, music, canned goods, school supplies, and greeting cards, and we make extraordinary things happen, extraordinary things like hope, kindness, joy, and love.

The Apostle Paul called the church a body, the body of Christ. We also see ourselves a team, and part of being super is depending on that team, stepping up when we have the right ability to help, stepping back when others have the best talent for the situation and need.

And challenging as it may be, we also know that with great blessings comes great responsibility. God has blessed our community with talented people, a dedicated staff, and an accessible, safe, clean building. God has blessed each one of us with abilities. Look at what a tremendous job our young brothers and sisters in Christ have done leading worship.

What are your abilities? Your talents? Your blessings to share?

With great blessings come great responsibility.

We have each been wonderfully made by God. We have each been made super, and whether our calling is to nurture a small community around us like Jesus did, to serve our local community or travel overseas to help, whether our gifts are best suited for small or large groups or mentoring people one on one, we are all super heroes because what could be more super than saving the world with love.