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No Two Alike

Posted on 31 Dec 2023

December 31, 2023

Luke 2:1-20

Rev. Kristen J. Kleiman


Usually, by this time of year, we have had some snow here in Connecticut.  Now, whether the lack of snow makes you sad or less than sad, I think we can all agree that snowflakes are pretty wondrous.

Throughout my life, I was led to believe that no two snowflakes are the same.  A few years ago I learned that although it is rare for two snowflakes to match, it is possible.  The resource went on to say that, “A scientist once found two identical snowflakes in the same Wisconsin snowstorm!”  (Kiwi Co) How he found them? Why he was out in that snowstorm?  I don’t know.

What I did learn though was how snowflakes come to be.  On a cold day, high up in the sky, a speck of dust that is suspended in the air gets wet and freezes.  As it falls, it comes in contact with tiny drops of water, which freeze on to it.

And the reason why different snowflakes have different shapes is because as they fall, sometimes they journey through colder air where they collect more ice crystals.  Other times, they go through warmer air where they melt a little.  Snowflakes are different and unique because they each take different journeys.

Just like us.  Throughout our journeys of life, we are melted and molded by the Holy Spirit.  Our talents are refined, and gifts and experiences are added to our lives.  Just like a snowflake, God uses our journeys to make us wonderfully unique.

As a symbol of how God has melted, molded and refined us through our life journeys, I invite you to make a snowflake.

Hopefully, you have already chosen a piece of paper and gotten a pair of scissors.

You are welcome to do your own thing or follow along with me.

First, if you have only ever lived in one state, fold it in half and half again.  If you have lived in more than one state or country, fold it diagonally into a triangle and then fold it again into a smaller triangle.

If you have traveled out of the country, round or cut the corners of your paper.

If you are under 15, make a cut for each year you are old.  If you are over 15, make a cut for each decade you have lived in.

When you are ready, I invite you to open your snowflake and show it to others.  If you are worshipping online, please take a picture of your snowflake and post it.


Each of our snowflakes are as wonderfully unique as each one of us – and yet, the wonder of a snowflake goes beyond its uniqueness.

Unlike the snowflakes we made today, God’s snowflakes are so small that they can land on a fingertip.  It takes some serious magnification to see all of their unique details – and yet, when all of these wonderfully unique snowflakes gather together, we can make snowballs and snow people and even snow forts and castles.

Snowflakes by themselves are wonderful.  Together, they are amazing.  Together, we are amazing.

As we journey from the joyous season of Christmas into the season of Epiphany, we remember that we are called to share Christ’s light with the world, inviting others to discover that they too have wonderful gifts of love to share.

And like when snowflakes join together, when we join together in sharing Christ’s love and light, amazing, wondrous, miraculous things happen in our world.