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How the Virus Stole Easter

Posted on 12 Apr 2020

April 12, 2020

Rev. Kristen J. Kleiman

Inspired by How the Grinch Stole Christmas!  By Dr. Seuss


Every Christian likes to celebrate

Easter a lot….

But this year, it seemed

celebrate we would not.


Wherever it came from,

whatever the reason,

The virus made this

a very different Holy Season.


Instead of waking for Easter sunrise,

Instead of preparing their cakes and their pies,

The Christians down in Bristol-town

had a sad, sad surprise.


This Easter Sunday,

There would be no brass and bell ringing.

No full sanctuaries

Or praise the Lord singing.


Farewell to Easter bonnets,

No need for suit, dress, or tie.

As we lay in our pajamas at home with a sigh.


No dinner at Aunt Pam’s

With egg hunts and roast ham

No raucous, rambunctious, loud family gather-ings,

Easter this year is about home and hand wash-ings.


But wait!


When Easter dawned this bright Sunday morn,

Every Christian down in Bristol-town was not sad or mad

Every Christian down in Bristol-town was more than quite glad.


Because Christ the Lord was risen from the dead

Which is good news for Sally, Tom, Jodi, and Fred.


We hear again the glad story

That begins at dawn with Mary


The women came to anoint

And found Jesus gone

Mary ran for help

And brought Peter and John.


The two men looked in.

They saw folded wrappings,

No Jesus, No Lord

Amongst those trappings.


John saw and believed.

It was as simple as that.

John saw and believed

Jesus was all that!


All that God promised

All that Jesus said

The everlasting covenant

The living bread


Peter and John went home

Reassured and quite glad

Mary remained

Weeping and sad


Through the tears in her eyes

She could not quite see

Two angels in white

To them, she offered this plea.


Please, where is my Lord?

Where has he gone?

I’ll get him. I’ll care for him.

Just tell me anon.


Then, she turned to the gardener

Still sad and in pain

Where is my Lord?

Was her unhappy refrain.


Jesus got her attention

called her by name

And from that moment on

Nothing was ever the same.


“Rabbouni” she called out

My teacher, my Lord

In her joy,

Mary took a step to move toward


Jesus stopped her

And Mary took a pause

He said to her

“Do not hold on to me because…


I have not yet ascended

To the Father

But go

and tell the good news.

The disciples should know.


Mary did as he said

“I have seen the Lord”

The disciples rejoiced

And their every heart soared.


Easter this year is different.

It’s true.

The good news is still good

For me and for you.


Because nothing,

not fear or even a virus,

Can change

God’s love

for everyone of us.


On this unusual Easter, at home and apart,

We remember the good news, and we all take heart.

Things will not always be this way.

Separation and the virus are not here to stay.


However neither will things be the same.

Now that Jesus has called our name.


Jesus is risen from the dead.

Amazing things are ahead.


The caterpillar might have chosen

The safety of the past

The familiar and known

But then the caterpillar would never

have become a butterfly and flown.


On Easter we discover,

God has something much better in store.

Through Christ’s resurrection,

God offers us more.


On this Easter day

We remember and say

The decorations, the music, the flowers

Are simply reminders

that new life is ours.


Our lives will forever be transformed

We are made new. We are reborn

By the happy events of this Easter morn.